Paint Correction

Let us erase years of damage to your paint in a matter of hours! Paint correction is the process where we level the clear layer atop your vehicle’s paint to eliminate haze and light scratching. Most vehicles are painted from the factory with several clear layers of paint. The sun’s UV rays and light scratches damage this ‘clear coat’ making it difficult to see through. This causes your paint to appear dull. By removing imperfections from the paint we are able to make the car appear much newer. We tailor the level of correction your car receives to your final desired result and budget. We can provide services ranging from a one step polish that will restore some of the shine to your vehicle to a multistage polish that will leave it with a mirror finish.


Remove the scratches from your paint revealing the beautiful finish underneath


Open up your paint’s pores to allow maximum binding with your ceramic coating

Common Packages


from $799

  • Remove 60%-75% of all light scratches and oxidation using 1 pad and 1 compounding polish.
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from $1599

  • Remove 80%-95% of all light scratches and oxidation using 2 pads and 2 compounding polishes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever cars are leaned on, touched, or even washed, small scratches occur in the clearcoat. Over time, these small scratches accumulate and cause swirl marks and haziness in the paint. A paint correction removes a significant portion of this haziness, giving your car it’s shine back. If you want a ceramic coating, it’s critical to first correct the paint, otherwise, the scratches will be locked in, and the coating will not properly adhere.

Paint corrections are a balance between removing enough clearcoat to get a smooth and glossy finish, and not removing too much, which could compromise the clearcoat and prevent future corrections. Because of this, perfection isn’t actually a good target under most circumstances. That being said, a quality paint correction will actually make a car look better than brand new. Cars generally come from the factory/dealership with imperfections that are fixed during a correction.

In most instances, yes. However, a good rule of thumb is if you can catch the scratch with your fingernail, it’s too deep to remove with a correction. For those situations, we can wetsand and polish the scratch, usually leading to a dramatic improvement. Don’t be afraid to ask us!

While touch ups are not included in a correction, we do offer touch up services separately. Very mild pitting from minor impacts may be lessened automatically by corrections, but most chips need to be addressed separately.

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