Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

All reschedule and cancellation requests received outside of normal business hours will be considered received at the beginning of the next business day for purposes of this policy.

Drop-Off Appointments

When you schedule your vehicle to be dropped off we reserve shop space and people to work on your vehicle. Because of this expense we have the following charges associated with changing a drop-off appointment based on how early the reschedule request is received by us.

Drop off appointments moved to within 4 hours of the original drop-off time do not incur any fees.

Vehicle Pick-Up

At or before your drop-off appointment, we'll tell you an estimate of when your vehicle will be ready. We'll then let you know once your vehicle is actually ready for pickup. Due to limited space at our shop, we request that all vehicles be picked up within 24 hours of being ready. Once your vehicle has been waiting to be picked up for 48 hours, we will charge a $50 storage fee for every partial or full 24-hour period your vehicle is waiting at our shop.