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Evan Reidel

Lead Installer

Evan is one of Austin’s best PPF installers, plain and simple. He was one of the best film installers at the XPEL corporate location where he worked for about 7 years before taking the lead installer position at Austin Detailing. During his time installing PPF Evan has mastered working on exotic vehicles and is especially comfortable working with Teslas. When he’s not at Brightside, Evan can be found fishing, maintaining his saltwater fish tanks, and learning about astrophysics. He also enjoys buying, tracking, and breaking perfectly good cars whenever possible.

Alex Reidel

Installer & Office Manager

Alex started off his career by getting his degree in Psychology from the University of Texas. After getting his degree he began pursuing a postgraduate degree. In the process he worked a part time job in the automotive industry and realized his interests and skills were well suited for the industry. In addition to working at Brightside Alex enjoys college football, fishing, and making music. He is the parent to two beautiful but trouble-making dogs.

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