Color-Change Vinyl

The only limit on the color and finish of your vinyl wrap is your imagination! If inspiration strikes you, and you get the itch to transform your vehicle-repainting it is not always an option. For one, deviating from your vehicle's factory paint will significantly diminish the resale value. Even if you pay the tens of thousands necessary to achieve a high quality paint job your vehicle will still depreciate for having been painted. Wrapping your vehicle in vinyl is a non-permanent and inexpensive alternative to painting your full vehicle. The vinyl we use is designed with a high-quality adhesive layer built to adhere strongly to your vehicle and remove cleanly when you’re ready.

Vinyl, while not as thick as Paint Protection Film offers some protection against normal weathering. It offers some resistance to rock chips and scratches and offers a great deal of protection against sun damage since it blocks most, if not all, of the light from reaching your vehicle. If you’re interested in the customization vinyl allows with the protection of PPF we have some fashion films that you’ll love!

Save Money

Dramatically alter the appearance of your car for thousands less than a new paint job.


Make your car your own by using materials like chrome or matte vinyl and drive a car that is truly 1 of a kind.


Prevent some rock chips and scratches to your underlying paint.

Our Work

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Common Packages


from $299 /panel

  • Change up the most sun-damaged panels on your car
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from $199

  • Add racing or accent stripes to go faster!*
  • * We don't guarantee your car will be faster
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Chrome Delete

from $499

  • Update your car's aesthetic by wrapping all chrome accents
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Color-Change Wrap

from $4499

  • Give your car a new lease on life by wrapping all painted surfaces.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Vinyl

Color change vinyl wrap was invented in Germany in 1993 by KPMF. German Taxi companies requested a cheaper alternative to painting their entire vehicles to adhere to government regulations. Today there are a wide variety of brands offering exceptional quality films. The name “vinyl” comes from its chemical name “polyvinyl chloride”, or as you may know it, PVC.

Commercial grade vinyl arrives in long sheets with a layer of adhesive underneath designed to adhere it to your car’s paint. To apply the film we first stretch the vinyl to remove wrinkles and lay it against the painted surface. We then use a squeegee to remove any air trapped between the vinyl and the surface. After the vinyl perfectly fits the piece we use a blade to trim the excess and heat to ensure that it binds to the surface.

Vinyl allows you to customize the appearance of your car in ways that are otherwise impractical, or even impossible. You can sharpen the aesthetic by making your chrome trim black, you can get a satin, matte, chrome, or colorshifting finish instead of your factory paint color, or you can create designs with stripes or other decals for a one-of-one look. Vinyl also offers some paint protection, so your car’s paint will be preserved once it comes time to change colors or go back to stock.

Vinyl has an average lifespan of 3-5 years. The true lifespan depends on the products and level of care you use to take care of it. Ceramic coating can extend the lifespan by a year or two, and PPF can extend its lifespan to the expected lifetime of the PPF itself!

The time each job will take varies largely depending on the size of your vehicle and the complexity of the service. For that reason we give time ranges instead of definite pickup dates. Below is a list of some of our common jobs and the time we allot for them.

  • Full Car (Color Change) Vinyl Wrap: 5-7 business days
  • Chrome delete: 1 full business day
  • Single panel: 2-4 hours

For all other vinyl projects it is difficult to give a representative estimate. Contact us with your idea for more detailed information.

Yes, we can, but we always recommend the use of satin vinyl instead of matte. Matte vinyl becomes visibly worn more quickly, looks dirty more often, and most people actually prefer the slightly deeper finish of the satin film.

In general, you do not have to treat your car too differently after it is wrapped. You can still use a pressure washer to wash the surface as long as you ensure you do not bring the pressure washer too close to the surface or the edges, as this can puncture the film or cause edges to lift. We also advise you avoid automatic or self-serve car washes as either is likely to add permanent scratches to your film. The best thing you can do to maintain the appearance of your vehicle after a wrap is to apply a ceramic coating, and hand wash it.

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