Warranty Information

For information on returns, please see our Return Policy page.

General Warranty Information

All warranty claims and restrictions are subject to the laws of the State of Texas, City of Austin, and United States Federal Laws. We do respectfully request that if you encounter any issues you contact us first and give us a chance to make things right before pursuing other options that may be available.

Installed Products

We guarantee the workmanship on all installed products for the manufacturer-defined lifetime of the product excluding damage or issues caused by the following:

See sections below for the manufacturer-defined lifetime of the product.

Non-Installed Products

All non-installed products are backed by the product manufacture's warranty and claims should generally be made directly with the manufacturer, however we'll be happy to assist you in doing this and want to hear about any issues with any products we've sold. This helps us ensure we're always selling the best products we can find.

Product-Specific Warranty Information

Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Window Tint

We use exclusively STEK paint protection film and window tint. Warranties vary depending on film type and line. We are happy to give you specific information about the film we apply to your vehicle or you can visit https://www.stekautomotive.com/warranties/ for more information. Please note that some of our films are designed to darken factory headlights or tail lights. We are not responsible or liable for any damage that may occur as a result of our application on these films. Please also note that while we will make every reasonable effort to conform with local laws regarding window tint we are not responsible for any damages that might occur as a result of window films we installed.

Vinyl Wraps

Because we work with several different vinyl brands it is difficult to list the warranty information for each individually. We are happy to supply you with the specific warranty information for the film we installed on your vehicle and help educate you on how to best care for it.

Car Detailing & Other Cleaning Services

Due to the unique nature of detailing it is not possible to guarantee a perfect result. For that reason we cannot guarantee the perfect elimination of any contaminate (including spots, stains, smells, etc.) or defect (namely scratches, sun spotting, orange peel, etc.) In booking a paint correction service please acknowledge that we are permanently removing clear coat from your vehicle’s factory finish and made a reasonable judgment about the trade off between level of correction and level of clear removal. This includes polishing performed on paint, headlights, metal or any other part of the vehicle.

Outsourced/Sub-Contracted Work

While we try to do as much in-house as possible, there are some tasks that we prefer to have other specialists handle. These include repainting, body work/repair, and most mechanical work other than basic assembly and disassembly. If we need to use a third-party specialist for your job we'll contact you before we do so and give you the option of using your preferred vendor or ours. In either case the warranty for the work performed by the third party will be guaranteed by them and not by us.

If, however, you choose to use our recommended vendor and there is an issue that arises from work they perform, we will handle working with that third party on your behalf and perform any re-work needed on our installed products once the underlying issue is resolved. For example, if you hire us to install PPF on your bumper, we recommend repainting it prior to installation, and you choose to use our recommended paint shop for the repainting, we will work with the paint shop to resolve any paint issues and re-install new PPF on the bumper at no cost to you. If you do not use our recommended vendor/shop then any necessary re-work of our products will be charged at standard rates.