Paint Protection Film

There’s a reason that brand new cars look new. It’s not because every new model year has new curves you’ve never seen before. Cars straight out of the factory haven’t been beat down by life yet. Your vehicle will never again look as good as it does sitting on the lot. Keep this original, factory look by protecting your car with STEK Paint Protection film. “Brand new” cars with less than 100 miles have already begun aging and incurring damage that kills the look and resale value of your car. Protect it early so you can enjoy it later.

Installing paint protection film is a difficult process that takes years to master. The dirty industry secret is that many of the shops you are likely to encounter will sell you the job and then contract your work to the lowest bidder or in some cases have their detailer or window tinter do the work. You wouldn’t want a dentist learning to remove an appendix on your body, so don’t let a rookie make mistakes on your vehicle. Our film is only installed by certified installers with experience working on hundreds of cars with tens of thousands of hours invested.

DYNOshield PAINT PROTECTION FILM (PPF) is a crystal clear PPF using STEK’s unique HYDROphobe® top coating to deliver an extremely high gloss, extra durable finish. DYNOshield’s brilliant shine will certainly help maintain that “just waxed” look for your car without you having to apply any wax! HYDROphobe improves contaminant resistance from water marks, insects, bird droppings, road oils, exhaust smoke, and pollutants that can create stains, yellowing, and gloss out on the film’s surface. With its excellent “shock-proofing” properties it protects vehicle paint against chipping, scratching, car wash brush marks, etc. HYDROphobe’s properties help DYNOshield provide the highest level of protection available from a paint protection film.

Top coating Surface Properties:

  • STEK HYDROphobe® nano glass ceramic top coat
  • Extreme water repellant performance
  • Extreme high-gloss and optical clarity
  • Self-healing from minor scratching, etc.
  • Anti-contaminant, non-yellowing

If you love your car but want to spice it up STEK’s fashion film can help! Stek’s Protective Styling Film (PSF), was developed with creativity and durability in mind. It has all the great features of DYNOshield but with 25 unique color and texture options.


Maintain the fresh-off-the-lot look by preventing rock chips and scratches from ruining your factory finish


Block ugly sunspots with built-in UV protection and maintain a perfect finish with our self-healing film!


Ask us about our fashion films to protect and transform at the same time

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Common Packages

Bumper & Headlights

from $499

  • The most essential protection for your car
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Full Front

from $1999

  • Protect your car's front from most road hazards
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Full Front & Rockers

from $2399

  • Protect all your cars most commonly scratched and dinged parts.
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Full Car

from $5499

  • The most full-coverage protection your vehicle can get!
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Bumper & Headlights Full Front Full Front & Rockers Full Car
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Getting paint Protection Film (PPF) over brand new factory paint is the only way to guarantee your vehicle continues to look good over time. PPF is self-healing so most light scratches and rock chips that would otherwise build up on your paint overtime literally vanish in the sun.

Without PPF, a car is either resold as damaged, or repainted, both of which decrease resale value. PPF pays for itself on resale, while maintaining the good condition during your ownership. If your car is a forever car, then it helps maintain the brand-new condition, and ultimately saves money and potential heartbreak over repainting later down the road.

Paint protection film (PPF, sometimes called "clear bra") is a thermoplastic urethane self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of cars in order to protect the paint from rock chips, bug splatters, and minor scratches. Paint protection film is often installed on high impact areas (hood, door edges, rocker panels, etc.) by manufacturers at the factory. However, this type of installation is limited in both scope and quality. We use high quality aftermarket PPF that is nearly undetectable and available in a variety of thicknesses and colors.

The films we use have a strong adhesive layer to bind the film to the surface of the paint, a Urethane layer that absorbs rock chips and scratches, and a top coat that determines color and texture of the finish. We use a large precision cutter called a plotter to pre-cut perfectly shaped patterns mimicking the shop of the panel. Using specially designed solutions we then maneuver the film into place before securing it to the panel.

The time each job will take varies largely depending on the size of your vehicle and the complexity of the service. For that reason we give time ranges instead of definite pickup dates. Below is a list of some of our common jobs and the time we allot for them.

  • Bumper & Headlights: 1-2 business days
  • Full Front: 2-3 business days
  • Full Front & Rockers: 2-4 business days
  • Full Car Clear: 4-7 business days
  • Full Car Matte: 5-8 business days

These time estimates are only for the PPF prep and installation itself; additional services needed may alter these time estimates.

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