Window Tint

Modern window tint has come a long way from the dyed films that you might be familiar with. In the past, the only options for window tint were films that darkened the windows offering heat reduction only in proportion to how dark the film was. We’re happy to offer modern, high-quality, ceramic window tint by Stek that allows you to choose the shade you want without losing heat rejection. All of our ceramic window tint blocks out more than 99% of the Ultraviolet rays that harm your skin and car’s interior, and up to 97% of Infrared rays that carry the physical sensation of heat. The nano-ceramic construction of the film means that dyes aren’t required to tint the film, meaning your tint won't discolor or bubble over-time. For that reason we are able to offer a limited life-time warranty.


Block out more 99% of the harmful UV rays to save your skin and car’s interior from damage. Stek window films receive a recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation!


Reject most of the sun’s energy to make your car feel like it’s been parked in the garage even in the sunniest of conditions


Darken your windows for the aggressive look or protect your car without losing on heat rejection- It’s your choice!

Common Packages


SMART from $349

NEX from $449

  • Keep heat and UV damage at bay while keeping an unobstructed view.
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Sides & Back

SMART from $399

NEX from $499

  • Includes your choice of tint level
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Full Car Tint

SMART from $699

NEX from $899

  • Includes all windows
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tint

Ceramic Window tint is simply the best window tint you can get. If your goal is maximum protection and heat rejection the only choice is high quality ceramic window tint. When you couple this with the unmatched longevity we think the choice is simple.

All of the window tint we use rejects more than 99% of harmful UV rays and as a result receives a recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. Each of them will cool your car and give it an awesome aggressive look. Our NEX series tint is designed to give the maximum possible heat rejection at each shade of darkness. With up to 98% IR rejection and 64% Total Solar Energy Rejection tinting your windows with NEXseries is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle.

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