We’ve all had the urge. Maybe you drove by your dealership and saw the brand new model of your car or maybe you’re tired of looking at the stain on the carpet next to your passenger seat. However you slice it you’ve fallen out of love with your car and you’re ready for a new one. Instead of replacing your car let us help you fall in love with it again! We can tidy your car up for a quick weekend trip or chase every speck of dirt for a truly new car feel. We have services that range from a quick clean to a full-day, seats-out detail that we promise you’ll be happy with. No longer do you need to live with stains, sticky surfaces, or weird smells.


Clean up and maintain your paint with a spray sealant


Let us clean your car’s interior and reinstall the new car smell


A good detail can add thousands of dollars of value to your car for resale

Our Work

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Common Packages

Wash & Vacuum

from $49

  • Basic car wash & interior vacuum/wipe down.
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Wash, Wax, & Wipe

from $199

  • Car wash, exterior wax and interior detail. Also includes wheel faces & tires.
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from $499

  • The most detailed detailing you can get. If there's a piece of dirt in or on your car we'll remove it and apply coatings to make it shine.
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Wash & Vacuum Wash, Wax, & Wipe Dirt-b-gone
Exterior car wash
Interior Vacuum
Wipe dash, console, and doors
Spray-on wax coating  
Clean Windows  
Wheel & Tire faces  
Carpet Extraction (including seat removal to get everything)    
Seat extraction or clean leather seats    
Full Wheels & Tires    
Clay Bar    
Plastic Restoration    
Interior Plastic Dressing    
Wash & Vacuum Wash, Wax, & Wipe Dirt-b-gone
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The time each job will take varies largely depending on the size of your vehicle and the complexity of the service. For that reason we give time ranges instead of definite pickup dates. Below is a list of some of our common jobs and the time we allot for them, for order-specific scheduling, add your services to your cart and proceed to checkout to see available drop-off and estimated pick-up dates

  • Wash and Vacuum: Same day, usually 1-4 hours.
  • Wash, Wax, Dash, Glass, and Vac: Same day, usually 4-8 hours
  • Full Service Detail: 1-2 business days

To offer services at the level of quality that we offer we like to be able to control all of the parameters. Bringing your vehicle into our shop allows us to use a greater variety of tools and products to tailor the detail to what the vehicle needs

There is a good chance we can! Usually by cleaning the underlying contaminate out of the car the smell will disappear. However, in extreme cases we can also use an Ozone generating machine which chemically alters contaminants, neutralizing them entirely.

Driving your car through a car wash will make it look better as it leaves the car wash, but it will make your car look worse over time. Automatic car washes are one of the most common causes of paint degradation that we see. If you want to make your car look nicer and keep it that way you need a proper handwash.

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